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Being embroiled in a nasty controversy with housemate and co-actor Aarya Babbar, Minissha Lamba, who had broken down on the reality show in the face of allegations that she had desperately tried to reach Aarya before the show, says she was shocked.
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“I am non-confrontational as a person, I don’t like fights and I hate stretching ugly situations for long. And that is how I reacted on the show too, like the person I have become in the last few years,” says Minissha who indulged in a “long, boiling hot shower and slept for hours and hours,” as one of the first things once she came home from after the eviction.

Asked whether she was hurt by Aarya’s disclosure about wanting to fake an affair in the House, she says, “I don’t believe in hating someone, because if you hate it means you still feel for that person intensely. Hence, I don’t fight with people who don’t mean much. I don’t expend my energies on those who have no relevance in my life.” As for Aarya’s ‘revelation’ that Minissha had called him before the show, the actress admits there was a call, as Salman Khan had also cleared out. However, what appalls her is the way the content of the call was distorted. “See, you must understand that at shows like these one cannot contrive reactions since the experience is so new. I too was very unprepared and that edge of unpreparedness that you get hit with, makes you react in very unexpected, yet real, ways,” she says “Before going in the House I wanted to make myself very strong.”

Having done two Punjabi films, which also co-stared Aarya, Minissha says she is ready for anything that is exciting. “I am a Sardarni myself and choice of films in my native language was very tempting, which is why I did Punjabi films. Let’s see what comes my way now…” Having lost a lot of weight on the show, a fact that she shares with Aarya who also shed pounds, Minissha says another bikini number could be attempted by her. “It all depends upon the producers. If they think I should wear a bikini again, sure, why not!”

as told to TOI

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Minissha Lamba, who was recently eliminated from the Bigg Boss house, made a sudden visit to Gurgaon recently for a fashion event. After the event, Minissha, who grew up in Delhi and often spent time in Gurgaon, shared with us her memories of the city and her future plans.

When Gurgaon was actually a gaon

As a child, I would visit my relatives’ place in Gurgaon every summer vacation along with my family. Those days, Gurgaon was actually a gaon.. khula raasta.. fresh air. All the kids would go for walks every morning and then play with the street dogs. Uske baad we would come back home and have garam garam paranthas for breakfast. Even after I enrolled in DU, I kept visiting my relatives in Gurgaon. This time I have come back after a year. Every time I’m here I see so much development happening in and around the city. Pehle mujhe airport se Gurgaon ka raasta pata hota tha. Ab itna kuch ho gaya hai airport aur Gurgaon ke beech, ki sabhi raaste bhul gayi hoon. I just have old memories of Gurgaon. Abhi yaad rakhne ke liye kuch bhi nahi raha. I miss the old Gurgaon look.

I miss the DU adda

​ I don’t even remember the last time I visited my college. I wish I could go back to my college again. I haven’t even collected my graduation certificate till now. I sometimes feel why did I study so much if I don’t even have the time to collect my certificate. I did English (Hons) from Miranda House bas bol hi sakti hoon. Agar kisine proof maanga toh dikhane ke liye certificate bhi nahi hai. I definitely miss the DU college culture – typical adda and hangout points, those DU special buses and the college fests.

Bigg Boss is the perfect weight loss program

I would just like to say that my experience inside the Bigg Boss house made me lose a lot of weight. There was food inside the house, but I’m addicted to junk food, so it was a problem for me. So next time, whoever plans to lose some weight, the house is the perfect place to be in.

No marriage plans

I have been dating Ryan (Tham) for a year now and we really enjoy being with each other. I love him for being caring and understanding. As of now, we have no plans to get married.

Bollywood comeback

As far as a comeback is concerned, an actor is never out of it. Especially today, when the kind of movies that are being done are so different, there is no set formula anymore.

as told to TOI

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Bollywood Actress and now a Bigg Boss contestant in season 8, Minissha Lamba is one contestant who has always played the game in a Dignified manner.

Minissha who was very subtle in the earlier episodes on the show is very vocal and opinionated when she needs to be. She is one contestant who always puts her foot down when required and lets things pass by when needed. That is exactly what happened in Big Boss earlier this week when Aarya on National Television apologized to her after the heated episode they had last week with Salman on his statement that they were in a relationship before the show.

Minissha simply nodded and accepted his apology rather than making a Big Noise and any kind of drama. She has proven that she believes in letting bygones be bygones.

“Let bygones be bygones because everybody knew that forgiveness was Divine..”~ Lesley Kagen

Not only now, but Minissha has proven herself time and again on the show! A Few days earlier, we witnessed wild card contestant and the captain of this week Ali Quli Mirza asking Gautam Gulati to nominate one contestant who he feels does not give their 100% to the show and switch places with him, he took Minissha’s name. Minissha immediately accepted the challenge stating that she doesn’t put her nose in household chores which are already divided to others in the house and this might have been taken wrongly by Gautam. She had switched places with him and now will be one of the three contestants who will not enjoy any luxury in the house. Big Boss ke ghar main kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

Minissha is holding her cards and is playing very skilfully. Her simplicity and her capability to handle things in a mature manner have made her viewer’s favorite in no time.

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Minissha is so far so good in the game and looks to be very promising in the Big Boss house, winner or not a winner only time will tell but a smart and simple player for sure. Minissha is certainly not Good girl gone bad but Good girl gone BETTER!

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Won’t Create Drama in #BigBoss8 to get Footage: @Minissha_Lamba   2 comments

The Charming Actress Minissha Lamba says she won’t be using fake drama to bring in viewers on ‘Bigg Boss 8’.

The 29-year-old actress is one of the 15 contestants to enter the Salman Khan-hosted controversial reality show this season and she says people will get to see the real, fun Minissha.

“It is a reality show and the audience love when there is more drama but I am not going to be out of character to create drama… that is just not me. At least I am hoping that I will not do that. I don’t know what the situation is going to be like. I don’t know how I am going to react to things inside,” Minissha told PTI before entering the house.

This is the first time that the actress, who has starred in films like ‘Yahaan’, ‘Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd’ and ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’, has ventured into the territory of reality TV and Minissha says the timing is perfect for her as she does not have any work commitments at the moment.

“There is no commitment right now. It was an easy decision for me to make. Besides that this is the biggest reality show that is happening in the country today. It was the right time to do reality,” she said.

Minissha says she did have apprehensions regarding the show but her friends’ love and excitement for ‘Bigg Boss’ helped her make the decision.

“When I was approached for the show I did not know whether it would suit me to do it. The moment I talked about it to my friends and the excitement that I saw in them and their love for ‘Bigg Boss’ it really hit me that how popular this show is. Even I love watching it,” she said.

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Beautiful Dance Performance by Minissha at a Janma-Ashtami event showcasing her Versatility & Poise!

“There is No Love Greater Than The Love Of Good Food” ~ @Minissha_Lamba   Leave a comment

Actress Minissha Lamba is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. What’s more, she throws up quite a few surprises! This pucca Punjabi craves Chennai-staple curd rice. In an interesting chat with Petal Gangurde, she opens up about being a ‘gully’ cricket champion and admits to have never been enamoured by Bollywood.

“Mumbai is home now but a part of me still misses Chennai.”

I grew up in Chennai and even though I am Punjabi, my upbringing was very South Indian. Academics were important. My parents were indulgent and pampered me to no end but also instilled values and taught me to be independent. I was a very fussy eater as a child and refused to eat brinjal, spinach and pulses. Today, pulses are an essential part of each of my meals and brinjal and spinach are prepared at home on alternate days. Previously I couldn’t stand the idea of eating curd rice but today it’s a comfort food for me and is also one of the things I miss the most about Chennai.

I was so bratty that as soon as I was served vegetables I would sneak it back into the pan or on to my brother’s plate only to be reprimanded for it. I remember being somewhat of a tom boy, playing ‘gully’ cricket and bullying all the boys since I was the only girl who could hit a six. That said there is no doubt I love everything about Mumbai – pace, people, attitude, social life, work atmosphere – it is the most liberating city in India and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Mumbai has been the wind beneath my wings and has taught me to soar.

“Bollywood was not part of the plan, it happened by accident!”

I was modelling since the time I was in school but I had no intention of joining films. It was simply a means to earn pocket money. I participated in dramatics but was interested in cinema only as a viewer. I never thought I’d take it up as a career.  Having lived in Chennai, my knowledge of Hindi was very weak. I was also a bit of an intellectual snob who believed that Bollywood movies lacked the crafts that were intrinsic to international films. In the 1990′s when I was growing up Bollywood had stagnated. The films were ordinary, often pointless and lacked flair. After college, when I was all set to move abroad to pursue further education I got a call to audition for my first film – Yahaan, by renowned director Pradeep Sarkar. Before I signed the film, I said to myself, if I am going to act then I will give it my all and if my first film works, I won’t look back, instead I will make this my lifelong career. Maybe subconsciously acting was my calling. And the rest as they say is history. I still pinch myself to check whether or not this is real. I love what I do, every day is unpredictable. I get to travel, wear beautiful clothes, meet interesting people, what more could I have asked for! I always feel that God has blessed me with many good things in life and he gave me so many wonderful opportunities. I never say no to adventure and this is the reason why I was not able to say no to my debut film, because the story was beautiful. When something is heartfelt, you can’t say no to it.

“Don’t make fitness a habit, make it a lifestyle.”

The day I became an actor, my relationship with food completely changed. There were days when I would think of it as the enemy and others when I would seek solace in it. After all these years my body completely rejects foods like pizzas, pav bhaaji and jalebi. I truly believe that there are no shortcuts unless you have exceptional metabolism. With crash diets you will end up feeling lethargic, hungry and irritable.  I remember trying the fruits only diet and by the third day I was eating everything in sight. I would eat a bowl of fruits and after 45 minutes I was starving. So it turned out to be counter-productive.

As a child, we eat wholesome meals and our body gets accustomed to it. But then we are also running and playing as kids. So the body doesn’t stock up on fats and carbohydrates because we are burning every extra ounce. When we are adults, we lead sedentary lifestyles taking the lift, driving even to the supermarket down the road, turning into couch potatoes at every given opportunity but eating the same food which is unhealthy. It’s best to watch what you eat as you grow older, take smaller portions, including all the food groups in your diet and some form of physical activity in your daily routine. Exercise forms an integral part of my day but just like everyone else I feel like procrastinating and need to give myself a pep talk 10 minutes before my trainer shows up. Unless I am shooting, I make it a point to take my dog Chloe for her walks without fail. I do a mix of sports with training. I play a game of badminton and go for a swim. I then run on the treadmill for a good half an hour followed by sets of light weights and heavy repetitions for various muscle groups on different days of the week. I try and take as many power naps as possible during the day. I am a voracious reader who finds books on crime fiction and spy thrillers completely absorbing.

I spend weekends with my parents and play with Chloe whenever I am home. This helps me beat stress and return to work refreshed and rejuvenated.  I believe that when it comes to fitness there is no formula and I agree that there is no love greater than the love of good food but it helps if you are vigilant from an early age, discover your body type and what works for you in order to not let this love transform into an unhealthy addiction.

“I am not very fond of cooking but if I make up my mind I could give top chefs a run for their money.”

On an average day, I wake up at 6am, start shooting at 9am and return after a gruelling 12-hour shift where I am working in extreme weather conditions. By the end of the day, I am bone tired and have no time to cook. But if I am in the mood I quickly put together a fresh, light and low on oil Greek salad. Since I am such a TV addict, I tend to make a lot of dips for snacking. My spicy yoghurt dips have often gotten two thumbs up from friends who have tried them. I am not the sort to follow recipe books. Instead I experiment on my own in the kitchen. I have fabulous days and then some average ones but luckily I have never been disastrous like I have never added too much seasoning or burnt a dish. Someday, I would love to invite Salman Khan over for dinner and I would also request him to get his famous home-cooked feast of tender raan, scrumptious nalli nihari, delicious biryani and lip-smacking haleem.

When I have friends over I go the whole nine yards, mixing up cocktails and making a multi-course meal. My signature dishes are Burmese Khao Suey, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, French Toast, Channa Chawal and Burrah Kebab. I have lost count of the number of compliments I have received for them. I am quite the pro behind the bar too, stirring up a storm with my Lemon and Mint Mojito, Very Berry Tonic and Cranberry-Champagne Cocktail.

Love Struck

- Who is your celebrity crush?

I really think Hugh Jackman is the hottest man alive. His looks would make anybody go weak in their knees and besides he is a fabulous actor.

-What is your recipe for romance?

Good food, great music, a bottle of the finest Dom Perignon and solitude.

- What is your idea of an unfor-gettable romantic dining experience?

It would have to be dinner at Wasabi by Taj, a moonlit walk along the Marine Drive promenade and then a drive back home for some alone time.

- For a romantic meal at home, what would you serve?

I would love to whip up some salata marouli, spaghetti aglio olio and chicken in pepper mushroom sauce, accompanied by a bottle of rose wine.

Bollywood Beat:

- Who is the most stylish person in Bollywood?

Malaika Arora Khan has the most fantastic style in Bollywood. She has an amazing body along with the panache and personality to carry off anything and everything.

- Who is the fittest person in Bollywood?

Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan are strong, sexy and seriously fit.

- What projects are you currently working on?

I am working on my next two films titled Democracy and Black Currency.

- Describe your style in three words.

I am an easygoing girl. While I love dressing up, I don’t create a fuss around my look. My style is simple, elegant and classic.

- Which celebrity wardrobe would you like to possess and why?

While I don’t want anything that belongs to someone else, I would love to have fashion maven Tarun Tahiliani to design an entire wardrobe exclusively for me. His design sensibility, textures, colours and cuts are incredibly stylish.

- What will be your dream film role?

There are quite a few roles I would love to essay in films, hopefully they will materialise in the near future. I would love to play the role of a professional spy. I hope someday I would be the protagonist in a high drama romance and also play a historical character in a period film.

- Name a recent film you wish you were a part of.

In the recent past, I thought the movie Friends with Benefits was really hilarious. The script was extremely well written, the setting was contem- porary and I wish I was offered the part played by actress Mila Kunis in the film.

Quick Bites

Name one food that you don’t mind giving up.

Pakodas, bhajiyas and all other fried foods.

Which is the most important meal of the day for you?

Breakfast. Nothing like starting the day on a healthy note.

If not an actor, what would you have been?

I would have been a journalist.

List your top three restaurants.

Peshawari at The Grand Maratha Sheraton, China Garden and Wasabi by Taj in Mumbai.

Name 5 things on your bucket list.

Go on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea aboard the QV2 with a loved one.

Own a Maserati.

Live and work in New York for an entire year.

Go on a tourist space voyage to the moon.

Open and perform my own show on Broadway.

You are the happiest when

I am watching an engaging TV show. Right now I am completely hooked on to House of Cards.

One cuisine you feel is overrated

French cuisine since it lacks the flavour that our Indian palate is accustomed to.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up and what is the last thing you do before going to bed?

I drink a cup of piping hot tea as soon as I wake up and the last thing I do at night is switch off my laptop.

As told to Food & Night Life Magazine!



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